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You will get immediate access to video lessons, support, and feedback, and an online community of other leaders who want to grow and collaborate to create a better future for all

  • Stand out confidently

    Evaluate what matters most for a business based on its sustainability risks and opportunities.

  • Connect with practitioners

    Gain access to a network of people who will encourage and support you as you embark on your path to sustainable, purposeful leadership

  • Make a positive impact

    Learn how to create value according to the 4Ps of Profit, People, Planet, and Purpose.

  • Increase resilience as a leader

    Grow business sustainably by better anticipating trends adapting to risks

  • Earn a competitive advantage

    Stay ahead of competitors and changing regulations, policies and disclosures

  • Future proof your company

    Become your own sustainability expert by learning to apply critical thinking in complex systems

Meet your Lead Instructor

Irina Scarlete is the Chief Executive and Ethos Officer at, an advisory firm focused on holistic ESG integration and training. Irina works primarily with organizations looking to adopt the latest thinking as they develop and implement comprehensive strategies for growth, risk and performance management. Irina also manages the AMNIe network of global experts to deploy niche skills for addressing sustainability issues ranging from climate risk exposure to supply chain decarbonization, waste reduction strategy, Net Zero planning and offsets, ESG and climate risk disclosures, portfolio ESG strategy, and more. She holds the FSA Credential and the Global ESG Competent Boards Designation (GCB.D).

Irina Scarlete

CEO AMNIe International

Other Instructors

Course 1 - Introduction to Sustainability

Dr. Justin Bull teaches extensively on sustainability, innovation and strategy, with a focus on graduate and executive learners. He earned a BA in International Relations (2005) and a PhD in Wood Science (2015) from the University of British Columbia. His doctoral work focused on measuring and comparing the environmental performance of paper and digital value chains in global media markets. In addition to his academic commitments, Justin is a mentor-scientist at the Creative Destruction Lab Climate stream. With a focus on companies that are developing solutions to the climate crisis, he helps early-stage founders identify market opportunities and position themselves for future fundraising rounds.

Justin Bull

Leader - UBC Sauder Business School Sustainability & Ethics Group

Course 2 - Diversity and Inclusion

Amrita Aggarwal is a J.E.D.I. (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) Strategist. Her work revolves around helping organizations attain an equitable and sustainable future through dialogues and policymaking. Raised by a theatre family, Amrita attained a unique blend of education in fine arts and business which coalesced into her becoming a natural facilitator and strategist. To foster healthy and inclusive communities, Amrita has worked with Lean In Canada, YWCA, and many other local and international organizations leading and organizing events on diversity and inclusion. She hopes to bring about positive social changes through her passion for creating an inclusive future.

Amrita Aggarwal

J.E.D.I. (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) Strategist

Course 2 - Diversity and Inclusion

Annya is an occupational therapist practicing in the state of Connecticut. Currently, Annya is a home health therapist working with the geriatric population. She also has experience from many years of working with the pediatric population, primarily children on the autism spectrum. Through many years working with neurodivergent children and young adults, she has gained perspective around the importance of cognitive diversity among social groups. She is passionate about encouraging others to reach their highest potential, helping her patients be independent, and creating spaces that enable optimal learning and progress. Annya holds a Master of Occupational Therapy degree from Quinnipiac University. She enjoys hiking with her boyfriend Connor and their dog Mahina, practicing yoga, and doing puzzles.

Annya MacDonald

Occupational Therapist

Course 3 - Your Path to Net Zero

With background expertise in green buildings, climate change, and economic development, Juvarya created and executed the City of Vancouver’s 10-year Green Economy action plan which delivered clean growth and nearly doubled green jobs in the city during her tenure. She has also recently led a national think-tank to scale up and operationalize its activities, delivering climate risk education to hundreds of corporate and pension boards across Canada. Juvarya holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia and has earned the Sustainability and Climate Risk certificate from the Global Association of Risk Professionals, and the ESG Global Competent Boards designation (GCB.D). She has served on risk, audit, and governance committees and is a former board director of Vancity Credit Union.

Juvarya Veltkamp

Climate Risk Subject Matter Expert - AMNIe International

Course 3 - Your Path to Net Zero

Lenny co-founded WHYO to participate in the transformation of the investment industry. With an international background in fund management and entrepreneurship, Lenny helps professional investors integrate extra-financial topics into their processes, from ESG to Impact and with a particular focus on commercial and regulatory aspects. He also believes that we now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collectively finance a sustainable world!

Lenny Kessler

Founder - CEO of WHYO

Course 3 - Your Path to Net Zero

MJ is a sustainability/ESG integration subject-matter expert with a unique combination of finance and communications experience, having built a career in capital markets serving investors’ information needs. She has demonstrated strategic thinking, leadership, analysis, decision-making, and organizational skills and she was also recognized as an agent of change. Her area of specialization is helping companies reap the benefits of integrating sustainability into their business model and strategy through effective data collection, analytics, and reporting practices.

Marie-Josée Privyk

Chief ESG Innovation Officer at Novisto

Course 4 - Communicating with Impact

Maria has over 12 years of experience in the investment and corporate finance field. Throughout her career, she led multi-stakeholder projects and developed training programs for corporate and non-for-profit organizations. Through multiple initiatives, she has worked with asset managers on various sustainability-related projects. Maria is a CFA charterholder and SASB - FSA Credential Holder.

Maria Maisuradze

Founder - CEO of Education for Sustainability (ED4S)

Course 4 - Communicating with Impact

Previously Nawar Alsaadi was a Senior Portfolio Manager in ESG investing at Canada Post and has also worked as a long-only portfolio manager. He has led product development for ESG product research and spent time as a private ESG investor.

Nawar Alsaadi

Chief Impact Officer

Course 4 - Communicating with Impact

Jordan's past and current experience spans impact investing, impact measurement, venture capital, social entrepreneurship, and non-profit management. He has a Bachelor's degree from NYU and a Master's degree from HEC Paris, and he has also studied and worked in both the public and private sectors across multiple countries.

Jordan Wolken

Global president of Bridges for Enterprise

Course 5 - Art of Ethos

Mihaela has a M.A. in Clinical Psychology, a M.A. in Counselling Psychology, and completed clinical training in Existential Analysis. She has over 10 years of clinical experience working with diverse populations (e.g., children, adolescents, adults, older adults) in various clinical settings (e.g., community, inpatient, forensic, higher education). In addition to her clinical work, she has been teaching courses in the area of counselling psychology at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Community College, and provided clinical supervision to junior practicum students at BC Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Mihaela Launeanu

Counsellor, PhD, RCC

Course 5 - Art of Ethos

Joanna has spent over 15 years in global business practice with an emphasis on building creative and practical strategies for people and businesses to maximize potential. From high-level strategic development to performance and growth improvement, her enthusiasm makes her a valuable asset to any organization. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she has taught MasterClasses, facilitated Hack-a-thons for policy institutes, edited best-selling authors, led workshops, crowd-funding initiatives, traditional and virtual fundraising events, assisted in political campaigns, and even manned a candy-floss machine for a charity event.

Joanna Riley

Senior Project Manager at AMNIe

Social proof: testimonials

“There is a significant gap between our commitments and actions, and there is a significant gap between senior executives and people on the ground doing the operational work. That is why there is a need for critical thinking and embedding ESG throughout the entirety of organizations. A core component of that is having people within organizations develop the courage and purposeful leadership to ask those questions and flag any issues as they emerge.”

Director of Keyah Consulting

Dr. Sophie Taysom

“On the subject of dissonance, we currently don’t have the right people asking the right questions. People may not know what questions to even ask. There is a significant gap between our commitments and actions, and there is a significant gap between senior executives and people on the ground doing the operational work. That is why there is a need for critical thinking and embedding ESG throughout the entirety of organizations. A core component of that is having people within organizations develop the courage and purposeful leadership to ask those questions and flag any issues as they emerge.”

Director of Keyah Consulting

Dr. Sophie Taysom

“If we don’t have a planet, a stable society we don’t have a stable financial system. It took me two years, my constant reflection is how could we bring people to this awakening faster model from systems thinking is on my mind. How could we affect the level of beliefs? As you influence the deep level of beliefs. Small changes in beliefs can make big changes everywhere else.”

Founder and CEO - Education for Sustainability (ED4S)

Maria Maisuradze


  • I have no experience with sustainability or ESG's. Can I take these course without any prior knowledege?

    Yes! This is a perfect place to start. The first two courses of the AMNIe Academy will get you up and running on these topics by laying a foundation for further learning. While the next 3 courses will help you identify what you and your organization can do to begin your ESG journey.

  • How long will this Masterclass take to complete?

    The AMNIe Academy Masterclass bundle can be completed in 30-40 hours without the supplemental readings.

  • Can I work on my own time?

    The courses are self-paced to fit with your schedule. Learn whenever works best for you!


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