Words and Actions

What causes dissonance between...

Identify areas of dissonance that exist in the translation of sustainability commitments into outcomes. Uncover hidden challenges in culture and integration so you can increase alignment between strategy and execution.

Black and Green Swans

Planning for the unexpected

In this course, we expand on areas which may affect you or your organization but that may be unseen or unforeseen. By asking questions about what we know and questioning the unknown, you can better plan for and respond to uncertainty complex environments. This course uses the swan as a metaphor for risk and opportunity.

Connecting Organizational and Self Leadership

How to develop a whole picture

Dr. Launeanu explains, without emotional “e”-valuation, rational decisions are either biased or hard to sustain. This course unpacks this topic, showing how integration for organizational and individual leadership intersects on a foundational human level. Through a preliminary investigation of alignment and how we derive our thinking, a path to rational "e"-valuation emerges - for those who choose to follow it and continue their analysis of Self.
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How Will You Learn?

  • Video Lectures

    Pre-recorded informational videos to guide a self-paced reflection.

  • Journey to Self

    Complete activities throughout the course to help you evaluate how your decisions are formed and impacted by external influences.

  • Bonus material

    Handpicked bonus materials to supplement knowledge gained throughout the course and help you decide whether to continue the process of Self Integration.

After this course you'll be able to...

You will get immediate access to video lessons, support, and feedback, and an online community of other leaders who want to grow and collaborate to create a better future for all

  • Stand out

    Bring a fresh perspective grounded in your e-valuation of sustainability and why it matters to your organization, and to you.

  • Connect the dots

    Better evaluate how sustainability topics intersect in work, as in life.

  • Make a positive impact

    Reflect on what creating a positive impact means to you, and the value it brings to the people and organizations you serve as a leader

  • Increase business resilience

    Enable a culture of innovation by encouraging experimentation and growth

  • Innovate to enhance value

    Stay ahead of competitors by having greater understanding of how to align organizations and leadership on economic, societal, environmental, and personal value creation

  • Improve decision-making

    Avoid group-think, among other biases, and improve sustainability via integral decision-making and a growth mindset

Meet your Lead Instructor

Irina Scarlete is the Chief Executive and Ethos Officer at AMNIe.org, an advisory firm focused on holistic ESG integration and training. Irina works primarily with organizations looking to adopt the latest thinking as they develop and implement comprehensive strategies for growth, risk and performance management. Irina also manages the AMNIe network of global experts to deploy niche skills for addressing sustainability issues ranging from climate risk exposure to supply chain decarbonization, waste reduction strategy, Net Zero planning and offsets, ESG and climate risk disclosures, portfolio ESG strategy, and more. She holds the FSA Credential and the Global ESG Competent Boards Designation (GCB.D).

Irina Scarlete

CEO AMNIe International

Other Instructors

Mihaela has a M.A. in Clinical Psychology, a M.A. in Counselling Psychology, and completed clinical training in Existential Analysis. She has over 10 years of clinical experience working with diverse populations (e.g., children, adolescents, adults, older adults) in various clinical settings (e.g., community, inpatient, forensic, higher education). In addition to her clinical work, she has been teaching courses in the area of counselling psychology at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Community College, and provided clinical supervision to junior practicum students at BC Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Mihaela Launeanu

Counsellor, PhD, RCC

Other Instructors

Joanna has spent over 15 years in global business practice with an emphasis on building creative and practical strategies for people and businesses to maximize potential. From high-level strategic development to performance and growth improvement, her enthusiasm makes her a valuable asset to any organization. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she has taught MasterClasses, facilitated Hack-a-thons for policy institutes, edited best-selling authors, led workshops, crowd-funding initiatives, traditional and virtual fundraising events, assisted in political campaigns, and even manned a candy-floss machine for a charity event.

Joanna Riley

Senior Project Manager at AMNIe

Course Testimonials

“I think it makes a lot of sense. The dissonance we experience comes from a psychological mismatch between what we are doing and how people feel. So, tapping into the feeling makes a lot of sense. And doing it in the group and business context makes even more sense. When we help leaders align with a greater purpose, the business is aligned and you gain a lot of resilience.”


Lenny Kessler

“On the subject of dissonance, we currently don’t have the right people asking the right questions. People may not know what questions to even ask. There is a significant gap between our commitments and actions, and there is a significant gap between senior executives and people on the ground doing the operational work. That is why there is a need for critical thinking and embedding ESG throughout the entirety of organizations. A core component of that is having people within organizations develop the courage and purposeful leadership to ask those questions and flag any issues as they emerge.”

Director of Keyah Consulting

Dr. Sophie Taysom

“Generally, people are trying to do what they think is right. Sometimes for the wrong reasons. In some instances, rather than having decisions grounded in one's own ethics and principles of the business, they may be engaging in green washing to attract more customers and investors. This could be done knowingly, or ignorantly and as a result, when it comes to sustainability, they're getting it wrong. This is why AMNIe strives to equip executives to power positive change via knowledge of holistic sustainability integration and purposeful leadership.”

Founder and Managing Director - ESG Treasury

Adrian Sargent


  • I have no taken and prior courses through AMNIe academy. Can I take this course?

    Yes! AMNIe's Art of Ethos course will introduce you to many fascinating concepts on this topic and help you adapt them to being a leader of your organization.

  • How long will the coures take to complete?

    We estimate that this introductory course will take 3 - 4 hours to complete depending on engagement with optional materials.

  • What qualifications or experience is required?

    These courses are open to executives of all organizations, sectors and positions of leadership. We know that we can take you from someone who has the intention to live and work with purpose, to the purposeful leader of a Net Positive tomorrow.

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